Summary of callouts in the first four months of 2024

callout map first four months of 2024

Overall the Holme Valley Mountain Rescue Team responded to 18 incidents between January and April 2024. Here is a summary of call outs that we can report on (some are sensitive in nature). The map shows the approximate location of callouts and where multiple calls out were received to a similar location.

Date and start time Callout typeLength of callout
01/01/2024 09:00Search for missing person8.5 hours
03/01/2024 06:45Search for missing person10.5 hours
06/01/2024 09:00Search for missing person6.5 hours
12/01/2024 03:06Search for missing person30 mins
08/02/2024 12:00Snow response6 hours
11/02/2024 11:49YAS request to assist with a patient extraction from a cottage10 mins
12/02/2024 13:10Search for missing person5 hours
26/02/2024 18:05Search for missing person1 hour
04/04/2024 19:22YAS request to respond to person fallen off mountain bike on Pennine Way3 hours
05/04/2024 13:01YAS request to respond to person who had collapsed20 mins
05/04/2024 17:27YAS request to locate a patient20 mins
07/04/2024 18:17YAS request to assist a person who became unable to walk2 hours
17/04/2024 06:48Search for missing person5.5 hours
18/04/2024 12:24Search for missing person4 hours
24/04/2024 20:17Search for missing person4 hours
27/04/2024 15:42Search for missing person8 hours
Summary of callouts in the first four months of 2024
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