Calling out Mountain Rescue

Calling out a Mountain Rescue Team

  • Prevent your situation from getting worse – if the injured person cannot be moved keep them and the first aider as warm as possible.
  • Administer first aid as appropriate.
  • Find a phone you can call from – a public phone box or even ask at a nearby house.
  • Dial 999 and ask for the Police.
  • Give the Police operator as much information as you can:
    • What has happened.
    • The name, age, etc. of the injured person.
    • The location grid reference of the incident – or at least some identifying landmarks you can see.
    • What time it happened.
    • What you think the injuries are.
    • A contact phone number the Police or the Rescue Team can contact you on.
  • Do as advised and if the situation has changed notify the Police.
  • One thing to bear in mind is that mobile phones are not that reliable in remote areas. Even if you have a signal it has been known for the operator not to know the area or who to put you in touch with.