So you would like to find out more about joining and becoming a member of the Holme Valley Mountain Rescue Team?

Read on to find out a bit more about joining and become a hill member. Or if being outdoors in all weathers isn’t something that appeals but you still want to support the team, we welcome the assistance of “support members” for more administrative tasks. Either way, the Holme Valley Mountain Rescue Team has a great social atmosphere and you will find it an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Most people join to work through the training and eventually join the ‘call out’ list. This is the term used to describe those who respond at anytime of the day or night to the emergency incidents.

As a general rule, and depending on your experience, commitment, knowledge, etc. this usually takes about a year of attending training exercises with the Team to make it to call-out level.

Over the course of an average year you would expect to encounter all aspects of training related to the kind of work undertaken in the Team, while it is also a chance to fit in to the Team, develop your strengths and for the Team to get to know you. Once you have met all the Team’s criteria for training, you will then be invited to join the ‘call out’ list.

Become a Team Member

In the first instance, there is a simple membership form to complete that covers your current hillcraft experience, what outdoor equipment you may have, as well as where you live (you will need to live in the area we cover). A form, together with more details about joining, is available on request by e-mail or post via the contact us page.

You must be over the age of 16 to join the Team, though Scouts and Duke of Edinburgh’s Award participants can join for their community service sections for the higher Awards.

With many MR teams though out the country, trainee members are conduct their training separately to the rest of the team until they are assessed and become a full member. In the Holme Valley team however, we believe it is important to new members to train alongside the rest of the team. In order to best provide this training we now run a couple of “entry points” though out the year. This ensures new members join alongside peers who are at a similar level of experience, and enables training to be tailored more effectively to the skill and experience level of those participating. New members will be asked to attend an Induction Session, at which they will learn a bit about the team and get to know what is expected of membership as well as meeting a few key members of the team. We also now have a new-member liaison officer who’s task it is to answer questions, alleviate concerns and provide a familiar point of contact until new members feel they have found their feet within the team.

The social aspects of membership

It’s not all serious! The team has a strong social element and many Team members enjoy the mountains together outside of “normal duties”, both in the UK and overseas.

Below is a selection of photographs from various Team trips, many from our annual social weekend for Team Members which provides a healthy dose of fun an opportunity to develop winter skills.

Support members

The Holme Valley Team also welcome applications from people who may just want to support the work we do in the other areas of what we do. There is a great deal of work involved in the administration, the organising and running a Rescue Team. Fundraising, promoting our image, maintaining equipment etc. are all vital areas to ensure the Holme Valley Team remains effective and able to function.

We all have skills we could offer for a good cause…