Not only is the Holme Valley Team proud of it’s links with the community we serve, without our supporters and sponsors we would not be able to function. Mountain Rescue can be an expensive business for our Team and Members. To get some idea, have a look at the Team fundraising page.

There are many organisations and companies that support the work of the Holme Valley Team through free or discounted goods and services. Also there are groups or organisations who have provided grants or cash donations to assist with our our capital costs.

Therefore in recognition of this the Holme Valley Mountain Rescue Team would also like to thank the following companies and organisations for their continued support over recent years.

Please take a moment to click on the images below and find out more about those through their websites to recognise their support to the Holme Valley Mountain Rescue Team.

 Land RoverNational and local dealership who assisted in the purchase of the Team’s Land Rover ambulance.
 Trimcraft Accident Repair CentreFitted out our Movano Control vehicle and did adaptions to the Land Rover
 Provided information and guidance in grant applications
 Provided a substantial donation enabling us to buy a replacement stretcher.
 Without which the Holme Valley Team would not function, providing a range of background support.
 Supports many Teams including the Holme Valley Team with outdoor equipment discounts.
 Provides servicing support for the Team’s Land Rover.
 West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service – Supplied the team with their Headquarters building in 2014
 Big Lottery FundProvided grants that enabled us to convert vehicles for Mountain Rescue use.
 Gave a community grant on support of the Team’s Land Rover appeal.
 Donated GPS and mapping equipment to the HVMRT
 Provides MR teams throughout the UK with free licensing for maps
 Provide mapping software free to MR Teams, including the Holme Valley MRT
 ViewRangerGPSLogoProvide mobile mapping and GPS software, and associated map tiles free to MR Teams, including the Holme Valley MRT