New HQ Project

For over 40 years the team was based in various buildings making up part of the Meltham Hall site.The team found that over the years, with an increase amount of equipment, a growing membership, a busy training programme and other commitments it was rapidly outgrowing its HQ.

The Holme Valley Mountain Rescue Team had been looking for new premises for many years  when an opportunity came by way of  West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service. During September and October 2005 Holme Valley Mountain Rescue Team moved Headquarters from  Meltham Hall to share premises with the fire service at  Marsden. Apart from proving to be an ideal partnership for the West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Services and the Holme Valley Team the arrangement gave the team time to  work on the planning and building of a new permanent Headquarters in Meltham.

The team has been given the opportunity by Meltham Town Council to initiate plans to build a new HQ on an unused allotment at the eastern end of the Robert Ashton Memorial Park at Meltham Hall. This is very fitting as Robert Ashton was a long time supporter of the Team.

.The extra space and plans for the building means we will have more room to store and maintain our equipment, as well as improved training facilities, even space for a small office and control room!

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