Mountain Rescue in this country is free of charge to all. Mountain Rescue Teams, including Holme Valley, are not recognised as statutory emergency Services. Therefore the Holme Valley Mountain Rescue Team (as with all other civilian Mountain Rescue Teams) relies completely on voluntary contributions from the public and discretionary grants to fund outgoings. The Team receives no automatic Government or Local Authority funding. For this reason the Holme Valley Team has Registered Charitable status (Charity No. 1015532) and is a Company Limited by Guarantee (No 2764292).

Also of note each Member of the Holme Valley Team is an unpaid volunteer, receiving no expenses and giving their time for training and rescues free of charge. They also provide their own personal equipment, often at considerable cost.

Fundraising – why and how we do this

Replacing equipment and servicing, repairs, fuel, insurance, administration etc. all costs money. The following are typical annual costs for key items.

  • Insurance Policy for the Team HQ £620
  • Headquarters’ annual rent £1,175
  • Cylinder rental (Medical gases) £260
  • Team vehicle insurance £1,800.00
  • Fuel for vehicles £210
  • Ongoing medical equipment/materials costs £707.00.

This is over £4700 before we buy or replace any equipment. The annual running costs for the average year are in the order of £10000. This price continues to rise year on year.

The money required to keep the Team running is raised through our own fundraising events, street collections and by assisting at many community events. All achieved through the hard work of the Team members, their families and friends. The team has also been supported by local organisations such as Rotary Clubs, the Lions,  and others. Some capital costs are met by discretionary grant applications.