In addition to its highly visible vehicles the Holme Valley Mountain Rescue Team owns and maintains a large amount of specialist equipment for first aid, casualty handling, communications and climbing safety.

The Team has two vehicles a Land Rover ambulance and a Control vehicle which can also be used as a reserve ambulance if required.

There are also other items of equipment, from torches  to stretchers, that require regular servicing and checking, all to be ready for immediate use on a call-out. The Holme Valley Team’s equipment officer is responsible for the purchase and maintenance of over 100 carefully recorded major items on a monthly basis. A task that would be impossible for one person alone, he is assisted by a dedicated group of volunteers within the Team who once a month check and test every piece of equipment for defects and readiness. Though some equipment can be visually checked and tested on our equipment nights there are many items that need to be sent to specialists for testing.

Most of the Team’s equipment is specialised and therefore very expensive to buy. Often it is not just regular hill or climbing equipment, but specially made for specific tasks. Other items such as drugs, medical gasses, first aid materials and textiles have limited life spans and need to be replaced on an ongoing cycle.

Other people are responsible for specialist areas of equipment such as the radio and communication equipment, vehicles and first aid items. These undergo equally rigorous and regular checking and servicing. The replacement and servicing of equipment accounts for the majority of the Holme Valley Team’s annual expenditure and is the main focus for fundraising. Funding for capital costs, rather than for running costs, are much easier to access and in recent years the Team has successfully applied for grants to purchase new vehicles. But our greatest thanks must go to voluntary organisations who make donations to the Holme Valley Team.

All Team Members need to be fully aware of where equipment is stored on the vehicles and how each item is used in a rescue situation.The training programme and equipment maintenance nights are designed to ensure that competence is maintained.