Missing Person Search, Knottingley

At 1044hrs on 3rd December, HVMRT was alerted by West Yorkshire Police to an elderly gentleman who had gone missing in Knottingley.

The missing man had last been positively sighted at Morrisons supermarket in the town, and various unconfirmed sightings of him had been made in the area of the canal.

Due to the location of the incident, at the far end of HVMRT’s operational area, Calder Valley SRT offered to cover any potential incident that may occur in the team’s “more conventional” territory while all equipment and personnel were tasked such a  long way from base.

Search parties of Bankside trained personnel with water rescue equipment were assembled to conduct canal side and riverside searches and further parties were deployed into open areas, parkland and farmland near radiating from the point last seen.

At approximately 1630hrs, having searched all appropriate areas with no find, the team was stood down.


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