Missing Person Search, Halifax

At 1615hrs on 19th November, HVMRT’s leadership were alerted by neighbouring team, Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team, to a missing person incident in the Halifax area.

Similarities with the search conducted by HVMRT the previous day led to a consultation between the two teams, and a member of HVMRT’s leadership headed to meet CVSRT’s control in Halifax to add input into the search plan.

Due to the high-risk nature of the missing person it was decided to mobilise both teams to assist with the search, and at 1734hrs a call was put out to Holme Valley MRT members to rendezvous at Saville Park in Halifax.

An intensive search followed, covering areas of parkland and private gardens in the Saville Park area, using teams of both HVMRT and CVSRT members, accompanied by officers from West Yorkshire Police.

At approximately 2030hrs a search party located the missing person in hospital grounds, unhurt but very wet and cold. She was assessed by MR medics and escorted into the hospital for treatment.

25 Members of Holme Valley MRT and 26 members of Calder Valley SRT attended.


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