The Holme Valley Mountain Rescue Team were called in to woodland at Berry Brow yesterday after a teenager slipped and fell whilst walking her dog.

The volunteer-based team was mobilised at quarter past four on Monday afternoon after police and ambulance crews located the 17 year old girl at the bottom of a steep banking.

The girl, from Berry Brow, had been walking her dog along a woodland path with friends when she lost her footing and slipped down a steep embankment, tumbling over a small crag.

The alarm was raised and police and ambulance crews soon located the injured party but called in for assistance evacuating her.

Members of the Holme Valley Mountain Rescue Team arrived on scene and used ropes to descend to the casualty to provide on-site treatment for an ankle injury.

After treatment the team were preparing to evacuate her on ropes and a stretcher up through the woodland, but the Fire Service Water Team arrived,providing an option to go across the water and back up the fields to the main road.

The girl was evacuated across the river on a floating raft, before being carried back to Woodhead road by firefighters and members of the Holme Valley Mountain Rescue Team.

She was then transferred to a waiting ambulance and taken to Huddersfield Royal Infirmary for treatment.

The Holme Valley Mountain Rescue Team were also called out to assist on a separate incident in Linthwaite yesterday, but were stood down after the Yorkshire Air Ambulance arrived and effected a rescue.

The Holme Valley Mountain Rescue Team is entirely run by volunteers and funded on a charitable basis by donations from the public. The team is currently trying to raise funds to secure a new headquarters following the announcement of the closure of Marsden Fire Station, where it is currently based.


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