The Team was out again yesterday after the sudden burst of snow that dusted the country over the last couple of days. While travelling along the A640 to assist colleagues from Oldham MRT, HVMRT members came across motorists trapped in their vehicles near Buckstones.

Gill Howarth, HVMRT Team Leader said: “As the Holme Valley Team LandRover was making its way to Denshaw, members came across a stuck motorist in a Fiat Punto.

“He confirmed everything was okay but that he had been stuck for more than two hours. He was helped to get his car from the drifting snow and on his way again.

“Further along the A640 a dozen more vehicles, including cars, vans and wagons trying to get to Huddersfield and beyond, were also stuck due to drifting snow. No-one was injured but all vehicles were helped to turn around and go back.

“Although the A62 was open, stranded vehicles at the Standedge cutting above Marsden hindered road clearing by ploughs and graters.

“I would urge all drivers not to ignore road closed signs – they are put in place for a reason and your safety.”


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